Sharing Panel Extensions

You can share your awesome Panel extension(s) in the following ways

You contributions matter. Thanks. 👍

Distributing Your Extension on PyPi

Sharing one or more extensions as a package on PyPi requires packaging your Python project as you would do for any other Python project.

The Packaging Python Projects guide describes this.

You can also study the Awesome Panel Extensions Repository to see how a specific Panel Extensions Package is set up. You can find the awesome-panel-extensions package on PyPi here.

If your extension contains Bokeh extensions, you have to make sure your bokeh bokeh.ext.json and your build distfiles are shipped with your package.

  • In you need to set include_package_data=True to enable the use of a file.
  • Your file then needs to include something like
include awesome_panel_extensions/*.json
include awesome_panel_extensions/index.ts
include awesome_panel_extensions/bokeh_extensions/*.ts
graft awesome_panel_extensions/dist

Contributing Your Extension to Panel

It’s as easy as suggesting it as a Feature Request or providing it as a Pull request on the Panel Github site.

For more information on getting started as Panel Developer see the Panel Developer Guide.